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The EMoney® family of integrated electronic payment solutions from ETS® provides the driving force behind some of the most successful payment applications in the industry. EMoney® Software Development Kits (SDKs), Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Component Libraries provide turnkey payment capabilities to organizations wishing to add comprehensive support to their financial applications.

For more information on integrating EMoney® EFT into your financial application, please contact the ETS Software Division representative below.

North American Inquiries:
Hadi Akkad
Executive Vice President
1(800) 834-7790 x205
Real value comes from more than just competitive rates. An Integrated ETS payment solution can significantly lower the cost of ownership of your payment and billing management software over the service lifetime of your application. ETS Software Development Kits (SDKs) insulate companies from the complexities associated with various financial wire protocols and new security regulations by providing well documented and easy to use programming interfaces. Regular ETS software updates deliver additional savings to your organization by enabling rapid adoption of new payment technologies and regulatory requirements.
Our proprietary EMoney® EFT solution is the result of years of experience and incorporates best of breed technologies. State of the art and geographically diverse Data Centers guarantee maximum availability and maximum performance. Our intuitive online management software provides rich features that empower an organization’s financial personnel.
Reduce your overall attack surface with an integrated payment solution from ETS. ETS® has more than a decade of experience safeguarding sensitive financial information. ETS® has actively participated with both the Visa and Mastercard security and fraud prevention programs since their inceptions. In addition, ETS® payment systems comply with the latest banking and NACHA regulations that govern electronic funding.