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At ETS® we have the specialized leadership required to support the mission-critical objectives of our Federal, State and Local Governmental Agency partners. It’s one of the reasons we have developed a strategic partnership with the top 5 banking institutions and GSA providers and developed our own proprietary electronic funding platform and online management software called EMoney®. It all equates to dependable and invaluable expertise that can only come from years of experience supporting hundreds of governmental financial affairs including those of motor vehicle administrations, courthouses, tax collections, political campaigns as well as state owned utilities.

Edward Vaughan, CEO
Electronic Transaction Systems Corporation®
Alert and responsive customer support specialists are available 24/7 to provide an immediate response for virtually any situation. Because we’ve eliminated all third parties, there’s only one number your organization needs to call to resolve any issue. It’s comprehensive support that delivers quantifiable savings and an overall improvement in operational efficiency.
Real value comes from more than just competitive rates. ETS’ performance based pricing programs reward customers that produce higher volumes, but that’s just the beginning. You can maximize your investment by using an EMoney® integrated software solution.
Our proprietary EMoney® solution is the result of years of experience and incorporates best of breed technologies. State of the art and geographically diverse Data Centers guarantee maximum availability and maximum performance. Our intuitive online management software provides rich features that empower an organization’s financial personnel.
ETS® has more than a decade of experience safeguarding sensitive financial information. ETS® has actively participated with both the Visa and Mastercard security and fraud prevention programs since their inceptions. In addition, ETS® payment systems comply with the latest banking and NACHA regulations that govern electronic funding.